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Become a lifesaver - become an organ donor!


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Become a life saver!
Become an organ donor!

Liver transplantation

Every year around 870 liver transplants are performed in Germany. About 850 patients are currently waiting for a liver transplant. Hospitals report more than 1,000 new patients requiring a liver transplant every year.

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Kidney transplantation

Every year, more than 2,000 kidneys are transplanted in Germany, of which more than 600 after organ donation. However, around 7,500 patients are still waiting for a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, the waiting time for a donor organ is six years on average.

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Lung transplantation

Around 350 lung transplants are performed each year in Germany. About 300 patients are currently awaiting transplantation of a lung. A partial living donation is medically possible, but is rarely performed in Germany.

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Heart transplantation

Every year around 300 hearts are transplanted in Germany. About 700 patients are on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Since the heart and lungs are very closely connected via their blood circulation, a disease can affect both organs.

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Small bowel transplantation

A small bowel transplant is very rare. Thus, only about three small intestine transplants are performed in Germany each year.

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Brain transplantation

No, just kidding ….

But a „bright light“ is anyone who deals with the subject and makes a decision.

There are many more transplantable organs. Inform yourself!


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To be a part of it takes just a minute!

Wirtschaft, die mehr schafft!

Our project has been initiated by the Iserlohn chapter of JCI Germany (Junior Chamber International / Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland) which is the biggest German association of young leaders and entrepreneurs in Germany with more than 10,000 active members under the age of 40. With 210 local organizations JCI Germany is the largest network of the young economy in Germany. We want to make a difference in Germany. That is why we tackle problems with voluntary work. We strengthen Germany as business location by fostering better education, innovative entrepreneurship, solidarity and quality of life with more than 800 projects all over the country. With our projects we reach out to more than 200.000 young people every year.
We are successful in our profession – but want to impact beyond!
Since 1958 JCI Germany is member of the international organisation Junior Chamber International (JCI) – an organisation with more than 200,000 members in more than 100 national and 5,000 local organisations. JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals investing in the future of our world. JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society. Our common mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Zur Homepage von WJD/JCI Germany
Renés StORY

Hi, my name is René!

I need your help and someday unfortunately also
a donor liver.

Many of you know me from various trainings, from national and international conferences or my posts from #WJochenende. After several years of professional and WJ full throttle, I pushed the constant fatigue and almost no recovery on overexertion and went – completely unconcerned – to my family doctor. In the following health check irregularities of the liver were discovered …

UPDATE: René has got a new liver – Read full story here:

Mehr erfahren über René

During the gala evening of the Hesse State Conference 2019 in Fulda I had the opportunity to tell „my story“. Please watch the video. (german audio only)

Zum Video


Was Betroffene und Unterstützer zu unserer Aktion sagen!

Viele von Euch kennen mich von diversen Trainings, von nationalen und internationalen Konferenzen oder meine Posts vom #WJochenende. Nach mehreren Jahren beruflichem und WJ-Vollgas…

René Elsässer

Servus, ich bin Sebastian! Gerne unterstütze ich diese tolle Aktion der KJU Iserlohn. Als Wolf Goertz, unser Ressortleiter Unternehmertum, auf einer Bundesvorstandssitzung im Frühjahr 2019 das Thema Organspende…

Sebastian Döberl

Stv. Bundesvorsitzender WJD 2019


Warum muss man eigentlich noch erwähnen wie hilfreich und wichtig die Organspende ist?
Weil der Mensch an das ‚trifft zum Glück immer die Anderen“ glaubt. Leider ein allzu dummer Herdentrieb, den es umzudrehen gilt.…

Philipp Jung

Das Thema Organspende war für mich eigentlich nie wirklich ein Thema. Ja, auch ich gehörte zu den Menschen, die der Meinung waren „das trifft doch nur die anderen“ und „wird mir schon nicht passieren“.
Und ganz ehrlich….die Hoffnung habe ich noch immer. Aber was, wenn doch? Wenn ich plötzlich betroffen bin? Egal auf welcher Seite!….

Michael Joithe
Landesvorsitzender WJ-NRW 2014

Hi, ich bin Diana und seit 2012 registrierter Organspender! Wer mich kennt der weiß, dass ich das Leben liebe …. gefährliche Herausforderungen liegen mir nicht besonders, ich bin eher der Typ Mensch, der sich auf der möglichst sicheren Seite bewegt….

Diana Grandmaire

Wie der Heartseeker beim Zauberer von Oz erkannte braucht man ein Herz um glücklich zu sein, denn der Verstand macht nicht glücklich. Wir benötigen unsere Organe um wirklich leben zu können.

Constance Classen

Stefan Hund

As a Protestant clinic pastor (since 2015), I go from room to room in my areas, visit patients (all those who have a temporary bed here and give them time and offer them a conversation on YOUR topic.

A Podcast

The topic of organ donation can affect everyone.
And when it comes to a surprise, then the circumstance is usually more like you would like to turn back the clock a bit … unless you are a recipient for a donor organ. The topic can hit anybody out of the blue. In this episode my interviewees as well as myself are keen to encourage as many as possible to deal with the issue, to make a decision for or against it, and not just document this on an organ donor card (a cross with yes or no ) but also to communicate with his family / friends.

Hier geht es zum Podcast

In Germany, about 9,500 people are on the waiting list

This puts Germany in the lead – unfortunately only with the most patients on the waiting list compared to other member states of the Eurotransplant network. We have to change this with your help, no matter which way the politicians decide.

Every year new patients are added who urgently need an organ. In 2018, for example, around 5,000 new people were added to the waiting list. Only about 10% of the patients on this list actually received a donor organ in 2018. In the same period, unfortunately, 901 people – that is almost another 10% – have died, while waiting for a donor organ ….

Click on „Mehr Infos zur Organspende“ (more information about organ donation) and you will also learn why Germany might be excluded from EUROTRANSPLANT!

Further information about organ donation’s under

Mehr Infos zur Organspende

Any good idea
has a beginning – LaKo 2019 in Iserlohn!

Here you see a part of the team of NRW-LaKo 2019.

LaKo Info

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Every chapter and every conference can be part of the great project!

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